Turning Point USA + International Order of T. Roosevelt Announce New Hunting and Conservation Partnership

The International Order of T. Roosevelt (IOTR) and Turning Point USA (TPUSA) are proud to announce a new, exclusive partnership where IOTR will become the exclusive partner of TPUSA on hunting and at-risk wildlife habitat conservation.

“We believe America’s best environmentalists are its hunters and outdoorsmen and International Order of T. Roosevelt is leading the fight against liberal activists’ attacks against America’s heritage of hunting and the 2nd Amendment,” says Charlie Kirk, Founder and CEO of TPUSA. “A core tenant of conservatism is conserving our nation’s natural beauty and keeping the great outdoors free and open to explore. This partnership between our two organizations will allow us to reach young people with this message and to pass it down to future generations for years to come.”

“We cannot win the fight against anti-2A and anti-hunting forces unless we are engaging the next generation of hunters and anglers where they are at,” said Luke Hilgemann, Executive Director for the International Order of T. Roosevelt. “Radical activists are waging a war on our heritage. Both IOTR and TPUSA are committed to defending these cherished American traditions and protecting our hunting and conservation lifestyle for our kids and grandkids.”

As part of this new partnership, TPUSA will launch an annual “Week of Action” in coordination with IOTR that focuses on the battle to protect the rights of hunters and anglers. This will include TPUSA equipping its chapters with advocacy materials and educational content to lead the fight against anti-hunting forces in their state and local communities.

Across America, anti-hunting activists are pushing an extreme agenda to outlaw hunting. In Oregon, a proposal to criminalize hunting and fishing fell barely short of making the ballot in 2022. Efforts are underway to place a similar measure on the ballot again in 2024. IOTR is leading efforts around the country to amend state constitutions to include a right to hunt.