Teach the next generation of hunters and shooters and expand current participation. 


The Division of Wildlife owns and operates multiple shooting ranges throughout Ohio.  These ranges are provided as a service to the public for the safe use of firearms and archery and promote Ohio’s strong hunting tradition. Since 2020, America has over 13.8 million first-time gun owners.  The demand for these facilities has significantly increased over the years, as noted by firearm sales and existing range use increases. The Ohio Division of Wildlife will be renovating the Grand River Shooting Range located in Northeastern Ohio.  This range will position the Division to engage a broader customer base within an urbanized region.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation 2009 study indicated that most range customers would travel 45 minutes or less to participate in target shooting.  The marketing area within 60 mins of this facility is an estimated population of 4.2M.  The ability to attract a large audience of Ohioans to be trained on responsible gun ownership and marksmanship on an environmentally safe area is a wise investment.  One of the barriers to new hunter participation is safe firearm handling and shooting.  The Grand River Range will be staffed with full-time R3 (Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation) educators to engage new firearm owners and those interested in hunting.  The facilities will include a wet lab for teaching wild game handling and butchering, firearms for instruction, and specialty classes on specific types of hunting such as turkey and waterfowl.

Once constructed, the Grand River Range will have over 170 shooting positions, including separate ranges for archery, pistol, rifle, and shotgun.  The facility will also include a 200-300 yard range for hunters venturing west or overseas.  This will be the longest range with public access in Ohio.

The recently passed Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act (TARMARK) was supported by both the firearm and archery industry and state wildlife agencies and allows for easier use of excise taxes for funding range builds and enhancements.  Ohio has submitted this project under this grant, which provides a 90% re-reimbursement after the construction.  We are budgeting $8 million for the Grand River Shooting Range renovations.  We are seeking partnerships for the 10% match or $800k.

Report Submitted by Peter Novotny, Assistant Chief of the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

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Grand River Range
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Grand River Range