Establishing a constitutional “Right to Hunt and Fish” in all 50 states.

President Theodore Roosevelt pioneered the North American Model of Conservation – the idea that conservation efforts are crucial to our hunting way of life and that hunters are vital for successful conservation. Now the Right to Hunt and Fish in America is under attack.

Unlike President Roosevelt, misguided politicians and radical activists want to undermine our outdoor lifestyle. It’s not hyperbolic to describe their efforts as focused on one goal: the complete eradication of hunting in America. As a result, President Theodore Roosevelt’s vision for conservation is in danger.

Hunting is conservation. Seventy-five cents out of every dollar spent on conservation comes from hunters. But access and support for hunting is fading. Activists and politicians have chipped away at the foundation of our sport through restrictions and bans, threatening conservation funding.

A constitutional amendment is the highest standard of legal protection against the attempts of radical anti-hunting forces, because it has the backing of the people – it is not easily challenged, changed, or revoked. Currently, 23 states have established a “right to hunt and fish” in their state – beginning with Vermont in 1777 and with Utah being the most recent to implement a constitutional amendment at the end of 2020.

Establishing a constitutional Right to Hunt and Fish is a pre-emptive defense against anti-hunting forces who constantly push radical legislation and litigation to restrict – or ban – hunting. Requiring them to amend the state constitution makes their implementation of anti-hunting policies and rulings a challenging task.

Yet, even with the importance and power enshrining a constitutional right to hunt and fish has in protecting our sport, we see a need for leadership on this front that does not currently exist. The International Order of T. Roosevelt is stepping forward to protect our namesake’s legacy.

Pushing back against the bad actors who do not understand our sport and upholding our heritage and rights are the most important goals in protecting the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

Successfully securing a right to hunt and fish in every state will play a direct role in ensuring we can
grow our sport, allow new hunters to join our ranks, and protect the land that T. Roosevelt set
aside for such use and charged us to use responsibly.