Patrick Hogan

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IOTR Board Patrick Hogan

Patrick F. Hogan is the CEO and Founder of the Rock Island Auction Company and CMB Regional Centers. Mr. Hogan’s considerable experience in the EB-5 industry, dating back to 1994, establishes him as one of the most experienced practitioners in EB-5. CMB, an acronym for California Military Base or Closed Military Base, was formed in 1997. The original focus of CMB was to assist communities that had been devastated by the loss of tens of thousands of jobs due to the BRAC closure of several California military bases. Mr. Hogan attended Illinois State University for three years. In 1978, after 3 years in the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Program serving aboard the USS Whale a nuclear attack submarine, Mr. Hogan began his career as an entrepreneur operating gas station/car washes that he expanded into a chain of five award-winning Shell Oil service stations. At the same time, he built a “Top 100 in the Nation” chain of video stores, several one-hour photo locations and a successful event photography business. These multi-faceted operations won numerous marketing and printing awards for their work and employed over 300 people during the 1990’s. In 1993, Mr. Hogan’s entrepreneurial focus shifted to producing firearms-related books and auction catalogs. The following year, he opened the Rock Island Auction Company, which specializes in the auction of antique and collectable firearms. During 1994, Mr. Hogan began his exploration of the EB-5 program. Eventually, Mr. Hogan divested his other companies and concurrently grew Rock Island Auction Company and CMB Regional Centers. Today, Rock Island Auction Company is the #1 auction company in the world for antique and collectable firearms, employing more than 150 people with over one billion dollars in sales, year to date. CMB Regional Centers, meanwhile, has grown to be one of the most successful EB-5 regional centers groups in existence. CMB Regional Centers has raised over $3.3 billion in EB-5 capital and combined with partnering capital of approximately $12 billion are responsible for creation over 200,000 new American jobs. Mr. Hogan is considered a pioneer and seasoned expert in the EB-5 industry. He sits on the Board of Directors for the Association to Invest In the USA (IIUSA) and has been an active participant in furthering industry best practices and program reauthorization. Mr. Hogan is a frequent expert panelist on EB-5 issues and has testified about the EB-5 Program and CMB Regional Center’s successes before a State of Ohio subcommittee on Economic Development, as well as providing written testimony at a U.S. Congressional Hearing on the EB-5 industry as a whole.