Hunting is under attack by radical interest groups and overregulation.


American conservation relies almost entirely on hunters. With the mass exodus of over 2 million hunters from the sport, American ecosystems are at risk more than ever before. It’s time to revive this age-old tradition of hunting in America and usher in the next generation of hunters.

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The Future of American Hunting is at Risk

More than ever, our wildlife, fish, lands, and traditions that we treasure are at risk. Founded on the conservation ideals of Theodore Roosevelt, the IOTR is committed to our heritage, educating our youth, ingenuity through science, and stewardship that meets today’s conservation challenges.

Why We Need Hunting Rights Enshrined in State Constitutions

Out-of-touch politicians and radical anti-hunting groups are pushing legal restrictions and bans based on hollow arguments and a misunderstanding of hunting. Their goal is the complete eradication of hunting in the United States.

A constitutional amendment is the strongest legal protection against the radical anti-hunting forces’ assault because it is not easily challenged, changed, or revoked.

Who We Are

The International Order of Teddy Roosevelt exists to protect ecosystems, defend the Constitutional Right to Hunt, and train the next generation of American hunters.