IOTR Blasts Biden Admin for Efforts to Attack Hunting
Regulatory efforts come after Florida legislature overwhelmingly passes right to fish and hunt

[Scottsdale, Ariz.] – The Biden Administration is expected to publish regulations from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that would curtail the types of equipment allowed on public refuge properties and expand the area where lead ammo and fishing tackle would be banned. International Order of T. Roosevelt (IOTR) and T. Roosevelt Action Executive Director Luke Hilgemann issued the following statement blasting the decision.

“This proves that efforts are underway in this country to ban hunting, against the will of people on a way of life with broad bipartisan support. Just Friday, the Florida Legislature passed a resolution supporting the right to fish and hunt 154-1. For generations, hunters have been crucial to conservation efforts. These misguided attacks from radical activists conservation efforts supported by outdoor way of life.”

IOTR is leading the fight nationwide against an anti-hunting agenda. The organization launched a six-figure advertising campaign in Florida, Ohio, Iowa, and South Dakota earlier this year to educate hunters about their vulnerable rights. Last week Florida’s Legislature took action with the support of IOTR and passed a resolution to amend the voters for ratification during the Fall 2024 election.

The mission follows efforts from liberal groups around the country to ban hunting as we know it. In 2020, Oregon activists fell just shy of the required signatures to send a criminal ban on hunting and fishing to the ballot for voters. Washington and New Mexico are also considering similar attacks on our hunting way of life.