Monday, March. 25, 2024

Cabela Family Foundation and International Order of T. Roosevelt Announce Strategic Partnership
IOTR to serve as the exclusive supporting sponsor of “Hard Truths of Conservation” TV series

[Scottsdale, Ariz.]— The International Order of T. Roosevelt (IOTR) and the Cabela Family Foundation (CFF) are announcing a new partnership that aims to propel conservation efforts into the national spotlight while bolstering species throughout North America. As part of the partnership, IOTR will be the exclusive supporting partner on CFF’s TV series, “Hard Truths of Conservation,” which currently airs on History Channel, Hulu, and other outdoor channels and streaming services.

“By partnering with CFF, we will reach new audiences of both hunters and non-hunters to grow our movement to protect our sport. With radical activists attacking our hunting traditions and hunters leaving in droves, this partnership is a perfect counterpoint to reach new audiences about the importance of hunting to preserve wild game,” said Luke Hilgemann, Executive Director of IOTR. “Our heritage should be cherished. In order to reach new audiences, we need to spread the good news about how hunting and conservation in America are intrinsically linked.”

“IOTR is the perfect partner for CFF. Through our ‘Hard Truths of Conservation’ series, we will reach new audiences and cultivate new ways of thinking about hunting,” said Dan Cabela, Executive Director of CFF. “Together, we will show the world what it means when we say hunters are the best conservationists.” 

As part of the partnership, IOTR and CFF will work on initiatives in North America that meet both organizations’ shared vision for bolstering species through real conservation measures. These projects will be featured on the TV show, which reaches more than 8 million viewers across all platforms. The partnership is set for a total of six seasons, with two seasons airing each year. IOTR will serve as Hard Truth’s exclusive supporting sponsor of the show.